Chimera Student Project

Work by Blaithin Hughes, Connor Robertson, Elizabeth Lartey, Ewa Zdybel, Helena Grady, Katie Higgins, Lisa Conroy, Mark White, Nicole Roan, Therese Murphy and Tom McLean will be exhibited at the National University of Ireland, Galway Art Gallery November 6- 16th.

Images of the students in the CÚRAM laboratory.

Our students have begun. We are delighted to welcome Lisa Conroy, Helena Grady, Katie Higgins, Blaithin Hughes, Elizabeth Lartey, Tom McClean, Therese Murphy, Nicola Roan, Connor Robertson, Mark White and Ewa Zdybel to the Student Project.

On Thursday, March 19th, the students were given introductory lectures by Dr. Elke Rink, PhD candidates Diana Gaspar and Kyriakos Spanoudes.



Dr. Oliver Carroll gave the students of tour of the laboratory.